Sunday, August 2, 2009

Chapter 10- VIP

Bella POV

Here I was, standing at the front door. Could I really do this? My head was completely spinning. I felt like I was going to vomit. I had one hand on the door knob and the other holding a small bag with a nice bra and panties set inside. My breathing was irregular. I kept looking towards the living room waiting on Em to wake up and catch me. He would definitely question where I was going with a change of under garments.

I knew what I was planning to do was wrong. I knew how being cheated on felt and I didn't want to do that to Em. I knew the rule was to break up with someone if you feel the need to cheat. All of these things that I knew meant nothing at that time.

The plan has already been set in motion. I couldn't stop it now. I've fantasized about him for too long. Fantasized about his lips touching mine. His hands roaming my body. The way he would feel on top of me. How his mouth would taste. What it would feel like to run my hands through his hair. I wanted him. I wanted to do this.

I needed to hurry and walk out the door before Em woke up. The longer I waited, the harder it would be.

I walked out the door and carefully shut the door behind me. I did it.

When I got to my car, I knew I would have to hurry and drive off before I either backed out or got caught. My stomach was in knots. How in the hell am I supposed to look sexy when I can barely keep food down?

I drove down the street and out of the neighborhood. I reached the gas station not far away and pulled in. I put my head against the steering wheel and tried to control my breathing and wrap my head around exactly what I was doing. I still couldn't believe I was going through with it. This is not the type of person I usually am. I didn't know who Edward had turned me into. I was thinking bad things towards Rose. I'm sneaking out of my house to meet my boyfriends' cousin. I feel like I'm sneaking out of my parents' house again.

I managed to regain control over my body and walked into the restroom at the station. I needed to change my underwear. I hadn't been wearing anything particularly sexy and I couldn't very well go meet someone like Edward in plain panties and bra that didn't match. His standards were obviously above cotton underwear. I'm sure even his underwear is Gucci.

So, I changed into my pink and black Victoria's Secret bra and thong. It looked really good on me. My breasts aren't that big but this bra pushes them into some awesome cleavage. I was wearing a black camisole type top and jeans that hugged my hips just right and my black 'stripper shoes' as I call them. I needed to look my best. I was afraid if I didn't he would back out. Stupid! What guy is gonna pay for a hotel room and then back out because my underwear doesn't match? I knew it was crazy but I obviously wasn't thinking rationally or I wouldn't be in the gas station restroom changing my underwear.

I got back in the car and began the drive to the hotel. I lived far enough away that hopefully no one would know me. Just my luck, I'd be walking to the room and see someone I knew. I couldn't think like that. I plugged in my iPod and turned on some slow R&B songs. Ease my mind a little bit.

I arrived at the hotel. It was about a thirty minute drive. It felt like it was three minutes. Time seemed to be slipping away. I wasn't ready to be there. My nerves were still on high.

I parked in the back of the hotel. I couldn't have my car in the front for everyone to see. I needed us to be as hidden as possible. We needed to minimize all chances for anyone to see us. Period.

I texted Edward to tell him that I had arrived.

Shit you're fast. I thought you would back out on me. Glad you didn't. Just around the corner. Be there in the next ten minutes. -E

Fuck! This is really happening. I really never thought this would happen.

Here I am sitting in my car waiting on him. My fucking panties got wet just from the thought of being alone with him. I was pretty sure at this point all he would have to do is touch me and I would orgasm all over myself.

I texted him back.

Ok. I'm in the back. See you soon. -B

My heart felt like it would literally beat out of my chest. My pulse was was racing. I couldn't breathe. My palms were sweaty. I needed to regain my composure or he would definitely think I was crazy. My mind never stopped racing the whole time I was waiting on him. Edward, sex, kissing, lips, touching, hands, smell, taste, sensation, sex, cock, orgasm. Fuck! I needed to get it together.

Then I saw his car pull around the hotel. Fuck Fuck Fuck! I can't back out now. Breathe breathe. I watched his car pull into the space just in front of mine.

He sat inside his car for a few minutes. His windows were tinted and I couldn't see what he was doing. What was he waiting for? I wasn't going to get out until he did. Had he changed his mind now that he was here? I took these last few moments to spray on a little perfume. Everything needed to be perfect.

I saw him open his door and I shut off my engine. I stepped out of the car and walked towards him. His back was to me at first. I could see how broad his shoulders were. I could see the definition in his arms. I could only imagine what those muscles would do to me. He finally turned around as I walked toward him and the light hit his face. Oh God. He looks amazing. He's perfect. Those sparkling eyes and teeth and that damn hair. It was completely messy but also perfectly in place. He was dressed in a simple pair of jeans and a gray t-shirt. Even in casual clothes this man looked amazing. When his eyes locked with mine I saw the most beautiful smile on his face. It alone could melt my heart.

I finally reached him and even though it had only been about forty five seconds it seemed like forty five minutes. Time completely stopped when I was looking at him. “You're really here!” he stated. He really looked shocked. How could I not be here? Has any woman ever turned you down?

“I know right?! Who would've thought?” God I sound like an idiot. That's the best I can come up with? Stupid!

We started to walk toward the back door of the hotel. How in the hell are we supposed to get in this door? Do you come here often?

As if he read my mind, “I have a friend that works the desk. She unlocked the door for us.” You haven't been back but like a month and you already have the hook up at the hotels? You must come here a lot. Or be fucking the desk clerk. None of that mattered. He was here with me and that's what I needed to concentrate on. My heart was still beating furiously.

“Oh, well excuse me big baller!” I was joking hoping to break the tension. He didn't seem to feel it as much as I did. Guess he did this type of thing more than I did.

We walked in the hotel and went to the elevator lobby. I was waiting on my legs to give out at any moment.

The hotel was absolutely silent. You could hear a pin drop. He could probably hear my heart beat.

I couldn't even look at him at that time. I really was afraid that I would faint. I just stood there staring at the elevator doors like an idiot. What the hell am I doing? I should leave now. I can't leave. Look at that man next to you. He's fucking gorgeous. Ugh!!!

The elevator finally came and he allowed me to get on first. A gentleman too. He got on and pressed the button for the top floor. The top floor? That's where the suites are. He wouldn't have?

I didn't say anything about what I was thinking. I didn't want to assume that he had spent that much money on a room that no one would be spending the night in. Did he think we were spending the night here? He couldn't! He knows I have to go home.

The elevator doors opened at the top floor and we exited. He let me off first but I had to stand and wait for him to tell me which way to go. He took the room key out of his pocket and pointed to my left. “The room is this way Bella.” We started to walk down the hallway. I felt his hand press against my lower back. Ohhhhh! That fucking electricity again.

“Are you okay Bella?” He asked.

I think I am. I'm breathing but not very well. I have a pulse but it's off the charts.

“Yeah. I'm alright. Just a little scared.” I admitted.

We reached the room and he unlocked the door and opened the door for me to enter. I walked inside and my breathing stopped. This room was amazing. It wasn't just a room though, it was a suite. I'm sure it cost a lot of money.

I entered into the living room with a couch, chair and coffee table that looked almost antique. The furniture had beautiful cherry wood arms and burgundy upholstery. I then entered the bedroom where there was a mini fridge in the bottom of the entertainment center and a huge flat screen TV. The carpet was plush and flawless. There was a huge king size four poster bed in the center of the bedroom. The bedding was chocolate and blue. I could tell it was pricey. Even the lighting looked amazing. The bathroom was gigantic. It had double sinks with black marble counter tops. There was jacuzzi tub and a stand up shower. This was the most amazing hotel room I had ever been in.

After I was done exploring the room. I walked back into the bedroom. I wasn't really sure how to go about this. I've been with Em so long that I don't know how to go about a first kiss anymore much less anything beyond kissing. Do I attack him? Do I sit and wait? Do I make small talk? What the fuck! This is a mistake. I have no idea what I'm doing.

I saw him set his small bag on the dresser and walk over to close the curtains. I wondered what was in that little bag. Condoms, lube, toys. I decided to sit on the edge of the bed and wait for him to make the first move. My mind was still racing. I couldn't even process all of the thoughts that were going through it. Am I really gonna be able to be naked in front of him? Will he really go through with it? Is he gonna tell Em? Is he gonna think of me differently after this? What happens after this? How can we be around each other again? UGHHHH!!!! I had to stop thinking completely.

I looked up at him as he turned around to face me. He had a slight smirk on his face. Even his fucking smirks turn me on. He walked over to the bed and leaned down. He grabbed my shoulders and looked in my eyes and said “What are you doing here?” My heart instantly sped up from his touch. The freaking electricity.

What the fuck do you mean what am I doing here? What do you think? What are you doing here? Can you not question me? I might back out. I might lose my nerve. Just hurry and kiss me already.

I was staring longingly into his eyes and waiting on him to lean down and press his lips onto mine when I felt my phone vibrate. Who the fuck is calling me now?

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