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Chapter 6- GIrls Just Wanna Have Fun.

Bella POV

It was Saturday and I didn't feel any better than I had the night before. How in the hell could a stranger send electric jolts through my body just by a simple handshake? Sure he was gorgeous but he was Emmett's cousin. I should not have been feeling or thinking any of things that had been in my head. He was all I could think about.

Edward's hand exploring my body. His lips pressed against my flesh. His tongue gliding over my nipples as he massaged my breasts. Working his way down my stomach to my hot, wet, pulsating groin. His long fingers stroking my clit and then slowly pressing his fingers inside of me. Him licking my clit as he pumped his fingers in and out of my pussy. Those emerald green eyes gazing up at me while he sucked on my clit. “Bella! Hello? Did you hear me?” Emmett interrupted my fantasy. I hadn't even noticed that my hand had begun to make it's way toward my groin. That would have been fun to explain.

“I'm sorry baby. What's up?”

“Nothing. Your cell was ringing. It was Alice's ring tone. Aren't you ladies supposed to have lunch today?” Oh shit! I was so consumed in my fantasy and confusion that I completely forgot.

“Yeah. I better start getting ready. You have any plans today?” I got up and started to walk to the bathroom for a cold shower. I needed it after that day dream I just had.

“Not really. Edward had said something about coming over to hang for a little while.” Fuck! He's gonna be in my house? And I'm not even gonna be here? Was he hoping I would be here? Damn! I wish I could stay here for once.

I finished getting ready and texted the girls to see where we were meeting. We all decided on our favorite Mexican restaurant. Edward hadn't arrived before I left the house. Thank God! It made it a lot easier to leave without actually having to look at him again. When I arrived at the restaurant the girls were already waiting on the patio with their drinks. I sat down and I swear the first thing out of Rose's mouth was “So Edward is fucking hot!” Well no shit Sherlock!

This lunch was supposed to be a distraction from my Edward fantasies, not contributing to them.

“He's alright.” I said. I couldn't let anyone know how I was really feeling. It would definitely make it's way back to him or Emmett.

“Alright?! He's the finest fucking piece of man meat I've ever seen!” Rose exclaimed. “I bet I can get him to sleep with me.” You slut! You better not! Did I just call my best friend a slut? God! He's already fucking up my mind!!!

“Yeah Bella. You have to be blind not to see how hot he is!” Alice agreed. She wasn't quite as crude as Rose. Alice is a tad more reserved. I fucking see his hotness! Hell I even feel it! But I can't! I have to block it out!

“So what do you know about him?” Rose asked.

I know that he had me so aroused from just dancing that I would most likely explode if he was to actually penetrate me. Do you wanna know that? Ugh!

“I don't really know anything. Em doesn't say much about Edward's personal life and I just met him last night.”

“No bitch! I mean does he have a girlfriend? Is he married? The good shit!” Rose was so blunt. Alice just giggled while she sipped her drink. Your guess is as good as mine.

“I have no idea. He didn't mention one. So I'm guessing the answer is no.”

Please please Rose, new subject now.

I was so jealous of Rose actually being available to date him. She wouldn't be the slut of the town for fucking her man's cousin. No one would think twice about Rose and Edward getting together. No one but me that is. I don't think I could listen to the details of them having sex and Rose likes to tell all the dirty details. I knew it would kill me. I would have to sit there and grin and bear it.

Rose wouldn't let the conversation about Edward die. I definitely tried more than once to change the subject but she always found a way back to talking about him.

One last attempt to change the subject. “So, Alice, how's the boyfriend search going?” Alice has been single for a while and has been on a mission to find a new man.

“Oh! I didn't tell you! Before we ran into you last night I met the cutest guy! He has this blonde messy curly hair and these beautiful blue eyes. He has a smile that could melt your heart.” Her face was so serene as she spoke of him.

“So....what's his name? Are you gonna go out with him?” It sounded like she was really into this guy.

“His name is Jasper and I don't know yet. We exchanged numbers last night but I'm waiting on him to call. Freaking guys and their three day rule.”

“I'm sure he will call Alice. If not, he's a fool!” It was true. Alice is such a sweet girl and good person, he would be stupid not to call her.

“So what do you think Bella? You think I should go for it? You think I should give him some?” Rose asked. Back to this again. No! I think you should never ever think of him again!

“Well, if I had met Edward before I met Em, I would have gave him some.” What the fuck? Did that just come out of my mouth?

Alice and Rose just looked at me totally shocked. Yep. I just said that. “You know what I mean! He's attractive and seems to have money. If I were single, I'd do it.” I said calmly. I hoped they would believe I was being hypothetical. Although, I was totally serious. Hell, I was thinking about giving him some and I wasn't single.

“So what do we need to do to get him to really notice you?” Alice asked Rose.

“I gave him my number last night but you know how guys are, they wait forever to actually call.” Please don't call her!!

I had to at least pretend to help her. Otherwise she would suspect something. “I'll talk to Em and get some info for you on him. Then we can strategically plan out a pursuit.”

“Thanks Bella! I have to have him!” Rose exclaimed. She looked like I had just given her a present.

“Oh hell Rose! You have to have every good looking man you see!” Alice joked.

“I do not! It just so happens that rich attractive men like me!” Rose retorted.

“Right! And it has nothing to do with the fact that your ass practically hangs out of your shorts and your boobs could pop out of your shirt at any time?” I was being sarcastic and honest at the same time. She was right though. She usually got any man she wanted. I hoped this time she wouldn't.

We sat there for a while longer and continued to talk about pretty much the same thing. Edward. I would have been better off staying at home. I was barely even listening to the girls talk. I was too involved in my day dreams. If I wasn't dreaming about the dirty things I would do to him, I was reliving last night in my head.

The way his body felt pressed against my back while we had danced. His hot, sweet breath on my ear. His strong hands gripping my hips. His groin pressed against my ass as we swayed to the beat. The electricity he sent through my entire body.

I was brought back into the real world when the waiter brought our checks. We paid our tabs and said our goodbyes. I knew Rose would be making herself more present in the coming weeks. She wouldn't let up until she got what she wanted.

On my way home Em texted me and asked me to pick up some beers for him and Edward. Fuck! He's still at my house? Wonderful!

When I arrived home I saw Em and Edward sitting on the couch completely engulfed in a Xbox basketball tournament. Maybe they won't even notice I'm home. Maybe I can say a quick hello and go to my room.

No such luck. As soon as I walked into the kitchen, they both looked up at me. “Hey!” They said together.

Uhhhh.....God he's fucking gorgeous and look at that smile. It fucking sparkles. “Hi fellas. Who's winning?” I managed to spit out.

“Well your man here” pointing to Em “is kicking my ass! He plays this game a lot huh?” Edward asked.

Yeah he can play the game and I'll play you. Stop it Bella!

“Yeah he does.” Please quit talking to me and just play your game. It's too much to have you here in my house and looking so magnificent.

“Well, you boys have fun. Good luck Edward. No one has beaten Em, ever.” I said as I walked towards the bedroom. I had to get away from him. I couldn't take anymore time with him without jumping him. That hair, the sparkling fucking teeth, those biceps.....UGH! Fuck!!

I shut the bedroom door and threw myself down on the bed. I looked up to the ceiling talking to God. Why are you doing this to me? I know it's wrong. I know I can't do this. But I want to SO bad! I have to find a way out of this.

I managed to calm down my raging hormones for a while. Then I heard Em shouting for me. “Bella can you come out here?”


I walked into the living room. “What's up honey?”

“The tournament is over and yours truly is the victor yet again! Ha Ha! In your face Eddie!” Edward looked like he didn't really give a shit about the tournament but when he looked towards me I swear his eyes lit up. not look at me like that! I just put on clean panties for Christ's sake.

“So Bella, how are the ladies today?” Edward asked.

“They are good. We had a great lunch. I hope you know you have had some effect on Rose.”

“Oh yeah? Is that so?” He questioned. Don't act like you don't fucking know what you do to women.

“Dude quit fucking acting like women don't throw their selves at you daily!” Even Em knew it.

“So what did Rose say about me?” He asked.

“She said that she wants to get to know you better and that you should call her. Maybe y'all can hook up sometime?” I fucking hope not. Please say drop dead gorgeous women aren't your type. Anyone but my friends.

“I may just have to call her now that I know she's interested. I thought she may have just been being nice last night.” Bullshit! You knew she was basically throwing herself at you.

“That sounds great. I'm not gonna tell her though. Just don't wait too long to call her.” I'm done with the matchmaking! I want him too badly to help him hook up with my friends.

We all continued to talk for a little while longer but it was too much for me. Dealing with the emotions of being so utterly attracted to my boyfriends' cousin and having them both in the same room was too much too soon. I needed to go back to my room and chill. At least there I could attempt to block Edward out.

Em and Edward decided to go over a friend's house and when they came in to tell me they were leaving, I pretended like I was sleeping. Edward was such a nice guy I was sure he would hug me again and I didn't think I could take it. Once they were gone, I rolled over and stared at the ceiling and my mind began to wonder again. I wonder if he feels the same way? Does he feel the electricity too? Does he even like me? Does he want Rosalie? UGH! What the hell is wrong with me?

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