Sunday, August 2, 2009

Chapter 5- Dirty Dancing

Bella POV

We made our way on to the dance floor and I started swaying my hips to the beat. My heart felt like it was going to jump out of my chest. My pulse was racing. Thank God I had my back to him because I was certain my face was blood red.
I felt Edward's hands on my waist gripping me firmly. I could only imagine the amount of pleasure that those hands could do to my body. I pushed my butt into his groin and began to bounce my booty on him. He was moving along with me and I could feel him pressing his groin into me more and more. I wanted us to be doing this with no clothing barrier in between our bodies. The electricity I felt from the first handshake was back and every time he touched me it felt even stronger. The constant pressure from his hands combined with the electricity made me shudder.
I'm gonna get in so much trouble for this. I hope Em isn't watching.

I looked over my shoulder to look for Em. I'm sure he thought it was just harmless dancing. Instead of finding Em's face, I found Edward's. His lips were so close to mine. I looked right at them. They were moist and smooth. I instantly pictured his lips kissing all over my body. I had to fight the urge not to press my lips against his.

What the fuck am I thinking? You cannot kiss him! Look away, just look away already! Why am I feeling this way? Damn it. Get it together!!!

I managed to look away from Edward's face and kept dancing. My pulse was still racing, my palms were sweaty, my breathing was irregular. My panties were even wet. Fuck!! I really needed to regain my composure before I did something really stupid. We continued to dance like that for a few more songs. Every time I would try and leave his grip, he pulled me right back in.

Then I heard a high pitched female voice yell “Bella! Bella!” I looked over to my right and saw Rosalie and Alice running towards me with huge smiles on their faces. Thank God for them. Just in time.

I smiled back and raced to meet them. Alice and Rosalie are my best friends. We've always looked out for each other. They are like my sisters. I never had any siblings and we have been inseparable since childhood.

“Ladies! I'm so glad to see y'all! You didn't tell me y'all were coming here tonight!” I shouted over the music.
“We didn't plan to it was just a spur of the moment thing.” Alice said.
“Yeah. We knew you and Em were going out tonight so we just decided to go dancing.” said Rosalie.

I felt someone walk up behind me, it was the electricity again. Fuck! Would you go back to the booth with Em already? Then I heard Rosalie say “And who is the gorgeous man you were dancing with?”
Shit! Why did he follow me over here. I was trying to get away before I got in trouble. Now I have to introduce him.

“Oh ladies! This is Edward. He's Emmett's cousin that just moved back to town.”

“Hi ladies.” he stated as he extended his hand to Alice and Rosalie.
“Well hello Edward!” They exclaimed in unison.

Could y'all be any more obvious? Yes he's handsome but, come on, y'all are basically throwing yourselves at him.

“Girls, come over to the booth where Em is and we can all sit and talk together.” I needed to get back over to my man. Get my head back where it should be.

We all walked over to meet Em. Once we reached the booth where he was sitting I sat down next to him and put my arms around his neck and kissed him on the cheek. I could smell the liquor on his breath but I didn't care. That was where I was supposed to be. Sitting next to my man not living in fantasy land with Edward.

We drank and everyone talked about how we all met and all of the usual introductory garbage. I could see that Rose and Alice really were trying to catch Edward's attention. Although, every time I glanced at Edward, he was looking at me. I tried to focus all of my attention on Em. I had let my mind wander in forbidden territory long enough for one night.

“Looks like the ladies have taken an interest in Edward, huh?” Em said looking at me.
Hell, I've taken an interest in Edward. Shit! I have to get my head out of the gutter.
“Yeah. It looks that way. Then again it doesn't take much for Rosalie to be interested in a man wearing Gucci!” I said jokingly.
Em laughed and said “She is a bit of a brand whore huh?”
“You already know!”

When the DJ called for last call, Edward once again paid for everyone's drinks. Even Rose and Alice's. That, of course, made Rose all the more interested in him. For some stupid reason I started to feel angry that she was so obvious with her attraction to Edward. I couldn't blame her but I didn't understand why I cared who liked him or who he liked. I should hope that my friends would find a great guy and she might find it in Edward. There wasn't any way I could have him but she could.

We walked out of the bar and into the lot and I saw Rosalie give Edward her number. Instead of being happy for them, I was angry and jealous.

Fucking get it together Bella. You have a man already. You cannot be with him so let one of your friends have a chance.

Over the five hours we were out, I only managed to finish three drinks and definitely wasn't feeling anything from the alcohol. There was too much going on in my head to even think about getting drunk. So, I knew I was okay to drive home. Edward and the ladies had definitely had more than enough to drink and thought it was best to take a taxi home.
When the taxi arrived I gave Alice and Rose a hug and told them I would see them the next day for our usual Saturday lunch. I overheard Edward and Em making plans to get together soon.
Then Edward came over and wrapped his arms around me and pulled me in for a hug. I literally stopped breathing for a few moments.
Oh shit oh shit oh shit. It was that damn electricity again. I needed to control my body and emotions and cut that shit out. I pulled away and said “Thanks for a good time. We had so much fun and it really was great getting to meet you. I hope we can all get together again soon.” Maybe when I can act like an adult instead of a fucking school girl!
“Me too Bella. I'm glad Emmett found a great woman. I'm sure I will see y'all soon. Drive home safely.” Again with that velvet voice.

Em and I got into our car and drove away. This night hadn't helped anything. Em and I were doing well and then here came Edward. Totally screwing with my head. My questions were still unanswered. Now, I had a million new questions to add to my list. Only, he couldn't answer these. I had to figure out the answers.

What the fuck is this electricity bullshit?
Why do I feel like a teenager with a crush?
Why am I so attracted to my boyfriend's cousin?

I shouldn't be feeling any of this and yet I couldn't control any of it! I've got to figure this shit out before I get myself in trouble. I'm so confused.

I felt like the car was on auto pilot because somehow the car was going in the right direction but my mind was completely somewhere else. I could not stop thinking about Edward. I kept having flashbacks of dancing with him. His lips continually popped into my head. I could still feel the electricity from him on my hips. It was too much to handle.

We finally arrived home and we walked into the house. It was really late and we were both tired. We got into bed and Em cuddled up behind me. He kissed my cheek and wrapped his arms around me. “Good night Bella. Love you.” He said.

“Good night Em. Love you too.”

Em was asleep in no time but I couldn't manage to fall asleep. My mind was going nonstop thinking of Edward. This shit could not happen again. A long while later I managed to finally fall asleep

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