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Chapter 7- Hypothetically.

Bella POV

It has been a couple of weeks since I first met Edward. Luckily, there haven't been any more visits from him. According to Em, he is too busy moving and getting situated in his new home. His absence has been a good thing; it makes my life a lot easier. My relationship with Em is something I promised to work on and put an honest effort into. Edward had been making that promise very difficult for me. I have already invested so much time into Em that I can't just throw it away from some stupid electricity. My priority is Em and our relationship.

Rose, Alice and I still have our weekly Saturday lunches. At the most recent one we had some pretty interesting conversations.

“So Rose, did things get hot and heavy with Mr. Amazing last night?” Alice asked Rose inquisitively. I had purposely avoided bringing him up. I didn't want to know anything about the date. Good or bad.

“Don't you think if things had gotten hot and heavy I would've told you by now?” Rose stated as she shoved another piece of food in her mouth. She looked really pissed and she only eats this much when she's not getting her way. Hmm...Maybe that's good news for me!

“Really Rose? I was for sure you two would hit it off.” I had to at least act like I was supportive.

“Why don't you tell us what happened and we can see where it went wrong.” Alice said.

“Okay, so he picks me up and I, of course, looked amazing. We went to a fancy restaurant downtown. He pulled my chair out and everything. We had good wine and good food. But every time I tried to talk he looked like he was uninterested. So, I thought that if I could get him to come to my house I could loosen him up. I mean who could resist me, right? He wouldn't even entertain the idea of coming to my house and then he made some lousy excuse about his house being a wreck from the move. So, we couldn't go there. Then when he dropped me off at home he didn't even kiss me. He walked me to the door and just hugged me. Who the hell just hugs these days? I have no fucking idea what's wrong with him.” Her whole face was tense. She's never really been rejected. Maybe he does feel the electricity. Why else wouldn't he want Rose?

“Honey, maybe he's just a little stressed from the move. Maybe he's not ready to date yet. He could have just ended a relationship in Chicago. I don't think it was you.” Alice tried to comfort her.

“Yeah, Rose. I'm sure he will change his mind. He will come around.” I said. Hopefully not. Maybe talking about fashion isn't his idea of a good night and I'm sure that's all she was talking about.

Time to change the subject. “So Alice, how is Jasper? Are you two still seeing each other?” I asked.

“I haven't even told you!” She literally almost jumped out of her seat at the opportunity to talk about him. “Things are great! He's such an amazing person. I really feel like we are meant to be together. He's such a gentleman. We actually have a date coming up! I'm so excited! It just feels so right, being with him.”

“That's great Alice. I'm so happy for you! I'm still waiting to meet him you know?” I reminded her. I was truly happy for her and that the focus had shifted to something else. Rose just sat there like a bump on a log, still eating.

We finished lunch and Rose didn't look any better. I was hoping she would meet someone to take her focus off of Edward. I couldn't keep having him as the subject of all our lunches. I have to admit that I was more happy than I should have been about her bad date. I couldn't help it though. My feelings were obviously out of control.

I was back at the hospital for another twelve hour shift. I was checking the IV on one of my patients when I felt my phone vibrating in my pocket. I left the room once I was finished and grabbed my phone. I had a new text message from a number I didn't know. I opened it.

Hey Bella. It's Edward. I need a favor. -E

How in the fuck did he get my cell number? My heart skipped a beat at the thought of what kind of favor he wanted.

Hey Edward. How did you get my number. What kind of favor do you need? -B

Do you want the kind of favor that involves us naked? Fuck! Concentrate Bella!

I went to continue my rounds. I was unable to concentrate, I was unable to work with him in my head. The last thing I needed to was to walk into a room and picture Edwards' face on one of my patients. I would not check my phone until my rounds were done. I needed to give my patients my full attention.

Once I was finished I went to the nurses' station to sit down. My phone had vibrated at least a few times. The first one was from Edward.

Emmett gave it to me. Hope you don't mind. I need some medical advice. Can you help? -E

Fucking Emmett! Why would you just give my number to Edward?

No prob. What can I help you with? -B

While I was waiting for him to respond, I checked my other messages. I had one from Alice and one from Em. Alice was asking where she should have Jasper take her on their next date. Em was letting me know that he had given Edward my number. A little late there Em! I decided to let it slide. If I made a big deal out of it, I would probably end up having to tell him about my feelings towards Edward. Not worth the fight.

Edward finally texted me back.

My stomach is killing me. It feels like the inside of it is on fire. Cramps and shooting pain. What do you think? -E

So it really was a medical issue. I thought he was just looking for an excuse to talk to me. Jumping to conclusions.

It sounds like you might have an ulcer. You need to go to the Dr. ASAP. -B

I felt a small pain inside of my chest at the thought of him being in pain. What the fuck is wrong with me?

My phone vibrated again.

Thanks Bella. I'll go as soon as I can get in. -E

No prob. Let me know what they say. -B

Maybe now there wouldn't be anymore texts for the day. I went back to work. Filling out charts, checking on patients, talking to families. Typical day at work.

I was finishing up my shift when, yet again, my phone vibrated. Damn! Can I get a fucking second without this phone going off?

It was Edward. Again. My heart sped up at the thought of what the text would say. Was he okay? Did he want something else?

B, no ulcer. Just a spasm. Gave me meds. Thanks again. I owe you. -E

You owe me? You bet your ass you do! You owe me a good long hard fuck.

Nonsense! U owe me nothing. Glad you are okay. -B

I was relieved to know that it was just a spasm that some simple medicine could cure.

Another text.

So, I gotta b honest. I wanted something else 2. -E

What else? My pulse instantly raced at the thought of him wanting more.

Um, okay. What else? -B

On my date with Rosalie she told me what you said about me. -E

You have got to be fucking kidding me? Bitch! I automatically knew what he was talking about.

What's that? -B

My mind was racing as I waited to see if he did indeed know what I had said.

That if you met me first you would have been with me. Is that true? -E

Holy fucking shit! He knew what I said. How in the hell am I supposed to be around him now? My heart was beating out of my chest. By that time I was off work and on my way home.

It doesn't matter if it's true. Nothing can ever happen. -B

Way to go! End it before it really starts.

It does matter. I need to know. -E

Why do you need to know? To know that you are the king of all women? To know that everyone woman on the planet wants to have sex with you?

It doesn't matter. Aren't you dating Rose anyways? -B

Gotta put the focus back on him and away from me.

Not dating. One date. She was trying so hard to have sex with me that it turned me off. -E

Ha! That's what you get Rose!

Sorry to hear that. -B

I had to at least pretend to be sad about it.

Back to my question. Is it true? -E

Should I be honest or lie? A part of me wanted him to know the truth but the other part of me knew that it would only get me in trouble.

Yes. It's true. If I wouldn't get caught I would do it. -B

I couldn't believe I had really just told him that. It was the truth. I wanted him so badly. I knew it was wrong but I couldn't deny the feelings I was having.

Wow Bella. I would too. We can do it and not get caught. -E

Did he really just say that? Em's your cousin! I'm his girlfriend. We can't!

You would do that to your cousin?-B

Not normally. Just something about you. -E

Just something about me? He felt it too!

I'm home now. Gotta go. Talk later. -B

My head was totally spinning from the conversation that had just taken place. I could not believe any of it had really happened. I deleted all of the texts from my phone. Couldn't chance Em seeing them. I didn't know if it was a test. If Edward would go back and tell Em. I was completely panicking but I couldn't let Em see that.

I walked into the house and sat down on the couch with Em. We had a casual everyday conversation about our day at work. I was so tired from my shift and from all the thoughts that had been running around my head all day. I simply fell asleep on the couch with my head in Em's lap. I needed to give my mind a break.

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