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Chpater 14- Nobody Knows.

Bella POV

Oh my God! This is it. I should just tell him what happened. I was a fucking idiot to honestly think I could get away with this. I should've fucking known better than to trust Edward. This is what you get when you do bad things. Fuck fuck fuck.

“Edward said he wants all of us to go out tonight. He wants to invite the whole crew, even Rosalie. He says everything is on him tonight. You wanna go?” Seriously? That's all Edward wanted?

I let out a huge sigh of relief. Edward and I are gonna have to talk about some things. He can't do shit like that. He needs to let me know first so I don't freak the fuck out again.

“Yeah baby. That sounds like fun. What time and where are we supposed to meet him?” I asked as I removed the biscuits from the oven and started fixing our plates.

“We are meeting him at ten tonight at Makkos in Buckhead. Do you wanna call Rose and Alice? Tell Alice to bring Jasper, since none of us have actually gotten to meet him yet.”

“That sounds like a plan. We haven't been to Buckhead in a while. I'll call them after breakfast.” We grabbed our plates and sat down on the couch to eat and watch a little TV.

Why does he want Rose there? He clearly told me he wasn't interested in her. Maybe he's just trying to be nice and include her since she is our friend. I wonder if he's bringing a girl with him? Why else wouldn't he have at least told me about it first? I really hope he doesn't bring a girl with him. I don't know if I can stand to see him with another woman. Fucking breathe Bella. You are totally over thinking this.

After breakfast, I called Alice and Rose. They both agreed to come and were very excited. I could basically hear Alice jumping up and down with excitement about everyone finally getting to meet Jasper. Rose was hesitant at first but once she found out Edward was paying for everything she agreed.

Em called Edward back and let him know that everyone agreed to go. Em and I got ready for our day together. Yipee! We went to the mall first. We decided to get some new clothes for tonight and we've also been looking for some new things for the yard. After looking all over the mall we found everything we had been looking for.

We then went to grab a light lunch. We sat and talked and laughed. I was really enjoying this time with Em. It was like old times. We weren't fighting or arguing. Just he and I enjoying one another's company. Em also managed to keep my mind off of Edward for most of the day. I loved my daydreams of him but it was nice to escape it for a while.

“I have something to tell you Bella. I didn't want to say anything until I was certain. I am certain now so I want to tell you.” He said as he glanced down at his food and shifted it around the plate with his fork. He's nervous. What does he have to be nervous about? He knows he can tell me anything. I should be the nervous one. I've never lied to you before and now I'm having to lie about so much.

I reached over the table and grabbed his hand. I squeezed it lightly to let him know it was okay to say what he was thinking. He looked up at me and said “I got accepted into the motorcycle mechanic program that I was looking at few years ago.” He said as his face lit up.

“Em, that is so awesome! I'm so proud of you! I didn't even know you were looking back into it! I can't believe you didn't tell me.” I said as I moved around the table to give him a hug. I still don't know why he was so nervous about telling me that?

“Well I didn't want to get your hopes up until I knew I had been accepted. I've been thinking about it for a while and when we decided to work things out; I knew it was time to do something more with my life.”

“I'm so happy for you. I know you will do good in school and once you graduate you will actually be doing something that you love. I love you baby.” I said as I leaned in and kissed his lips.

We finished lunch and went back home. We went out to the yard to put out our new purchases. We put the new fire pit on the patio and the new tiki torches around the edge of the pool. Em and I decided to stay outside for a while and enjoy the nice weather.

We sat on the edge of the pool with our feet in the water like children. We talked about Em's new journey back to school and about how he was going to be able to work and go to school. I hadn't worked while I was in nursing school and I didn't think it was fair for him to try and do both. We had enough money in savings to last us for a while and I made enough money to make up for the rest.

It was starting to get late and we needed to get ready to leave for the bar. I hadn't talked to Edward all day. I was sure I would at least get a text from him but I got nothing. When Em was in the shower I took advantage of the opportunity and texted him.

Why didn't you tell me about tonight first? B

I didn't get a response from him at first. Maybe he's just busy getting ready for tonight. Or maybe I was just an idiot to believe that we had something more than a one night stand.

I continued getting dressed. My phone alerted me to a new message.

Sorry. I didn't now you wanted to know first. Just thought it would be fun for all of us to go out together. At least I can see you this way. E

Okay maybe I had been over reacting a bit. Maybe he was telling the truth.

Well I kinda freaked out when I didn't know anything about it and Em comes telling me that you called him. I suspected the worst. B

Sorry you freaked out. I will let you know first from now on. I'm really looking forward to seeing you tonight. E

My heart fluttered a bit when I read the excited me to know that he had been thinking of me.

Me too. I'll see you soon. B

Em and I were finally dressed and ready to go. My dress was metallic blue tiered laser cut that fell right above my knee. I wore silver metallic Calvin Klein heels with straps crossing over the tops and a strap around my ankle. Em had picked out a slim fit black camp fit shirt. Guess he's trying to show off his muscles tonight. He put on a pair of nice jeans and and black low cut riding boots. His whole outfit was by Calvin Klein. He hated dressing up so this is as close as he would get. He really looked very handsome in his new outfit. I wished he would dress like this more often. This looks like the man I fell in love with.

I walked into the living room and asked him “You ready to go baby?”

“Damn Bella! You look so hot in that dress! How am I supposed to keep my hands off of you tonight?” He said as he walked over to me and grabbed my waist. He pulled me into his body and placed a light kiss on my lips.

“You are such a perv Em! We have to go or we will be late!” I said as I lightly swatted his arm.

“Fine but you better be ready when we get back home!” he said slapping my butt.

We made it to the car and started our drive to Buckhead. It was a nice ride. We listened to music and joked with each other. I was trying to diffuse the tension that began building in my stomach. This was already a touchy situation and now I had to be near him in front off all of our friends and pretend like last night wasn't the most amazing night of my life. Fucking fantastic! I figured I would have to do it one day but I wasn't expecting today.

We arrived at the bar and parked the car down the street. The closer we walked to the bar the more nervous I became. My knees felt weak. My pulse was racing. My palms were sweating. I could hear Em talking about something but my mind was moving to fast to actually pay attention to what he was saying.

We made our way through the line and into the bar. We looked around for everyone and we finally spotted Edward at the bar to the left of the dance floor. He was talking to the bartender as she handed him a drink and a shot. We made our way over to the bar and Em walked up to Edward and slapped him on the back before Edward even noticed we were there.

“What's up Cuz!” Em said to Edward.

“Oh shit man! I didn't see you there. How long have you been here?” He asked Em as he turned around. He didn't see me at first since I was standing behind Em. I walked around to the side of Em waiting for Edward to notice me. It almost looked as if his face lit up a little. When I saw his beautiful face I couldn't help but smile. So fucking handsome. Take your clothes off now! Oh shit! Get some control Bella!

“Hey Edward! How are you?” I asked him as I reached out my hand to shake his.

“I'm great. Glad you could make it. And we are practically family; we don't shake hands, we hug!” He then pulled me in for a tight hug and I stopped breathing. The electricity that I hadn't felt all day was finally coursing through my body again. Yeah Edward. We do a lot more than fucking hug.

“Hey now! Edward all these women are drooling over you! Get your hands off my woman!” He said jokingly. Poor Em. He has no idea exactly what Edwards' hands were doing to me last night.

We ordered a few drinks and talked for a while, waiting on the rest of the crew to show up. Finally Alice, Jasper and Rose showed up.

“Everyone, this is my Jasper!” Alice said. Their hands were interlocked and they looked very happy.

“Jasper, this is Emmett, Bella and Edward.” She introduced us all and we all greeted Jasper. I could see why she was attracted to him. He was a very handsome man.

“Jasper, it's great to finally meet you. I'm glad you decided to come out with us. We don't bite, not too hard anyways.” I said jokingly to him.

“I'll keep that in mind! It's good to finally meet you guys too. Alice has told me all about you guys.”

Rose automatically went straight to Edward. I thought you were done worrying about him? Guess not. He's still not gonna want you Rose. I rolled my eyes at her as she sat on a bar stool next to him and was doing her best 'come and get me' routine of batting her eyelashes and sticking her boobs out. It almost made me sick.

I looked at Edward and at first he didn't looked interested in what she was doing or saying but then they got up to go dance. What the fuck? He said he didn't want her! Why is he dancing with her? He's just leading her on. Maybe he's just leading me on. Maybe I'm the idiot.

I sat on a bar stool next to Em and ordered a couple more shots. If I have to sit here and endure the monstrosity of Edward and Rose flirting; then I'm going to get trashed. I quickly downed the shots and began sipping my drink. I turned around in my stool to see Rosalie grinding her ass against Edward's groin. The worst part is that he actually looked like he was enjoying it. What kind of fucking sick game is he playing with me? I can't take this much longer. Just last night his hands and mouth were giving me the greatest pleasure of my life and tonight his hands are all over her body.

I turned back around to notice that Em, Jasper and Alice were all talking about something. I hated to be rude but I didn't really care what they were talking about.

“Em” I said as I grabbed his sleeve and pulled him out of the chair. “Let's go dance.”

“Fuck! Okay.” He said walking behind me to the dance floor.

I made sure to get close enough to Edward so that he could see us but stayed far enough away that it didn't look obvious. I pulled Em up behind me and began to grind in to him with the beat of the music. His hands started on my hips but gradually made their way to my butt and then up my stomach and around to my breasts. I usually wouldn't let him grope me this much in public but I was trying to make Edward jealous.

“You look so fucking sexy in this dress Bella. I wanna take you right here on the floor.” Em whispered in my ear.

I glanced over at Edward and Rose. She was too involved in what she was doing to even notice I was there. Edward's whole face tensed up when he saw Em's hands on my breasts. Good! Now you fucking know how it feels. It's not fun to see this is it?

I turned around to face Em and put my arms around his neck. He pulled me in for a deep kiss. I wasn't trying to take it that far but I had obviously excited Em. I knew I had proved my point to Edward and was ready to go back and sit with everyone else. “Em, I'm gonna go back to the bar. I'm thirsty.”

“Okay, I'll come with you.” He said as he grabbed my hand and guided me through the massive crowd. We made it back to the bar and started to take more shots with Alice. She really could drink for her small size. I noticed that Jasper wasn't drinking.

“Alice, what's up with Jasper? He doesn't drink?”

“No. He says it's not really his thing. At least we have a designated driver for tonight!”

“Thank God because I'm not gonna be able to drive.” The bartender handed us three more shots of tequila. Em, Alice and I all clanked our glasses and downed the shot quickly. I was really starting to feel the effects of the liquor. I lost count of how many shots I had taken. I was hoping the liquor would drown out my jealous feelings. Edward knew I couldn't express my feelings in front of everyone and it felt like he was toying with my emotions.

I spun around on my stool and noticed that Rose and Edward were seated on the other side of Em. They were looking very cozy. Edward was facing Rose and smiling as he sipped his drink. I couldn't see Rose's face but I could see her hand touching his chest. That fucking beautiful chest and she has her paws all over it. Fuck I need to get this under control. I just need to accept that it was a one night fling and that he is moving on. My heart hurt at the thought of him actually making love to her. Time for another shot.

I refused to look over at them anymore. It was only making me miserable and I wasn't going to continue to subject myself to that torture. The music was so loud that we couldn't really have any in depth conversations. We all pretty much just sat around and drank.

I would often glance at Alice and Jasper. He would be whispering in her ear and she would laugh like he had just said the funniest thing in the world. It was nice to see them so obviously in love. I was very happy for them. Alice deserved to be happy and it definitely looked like Jasper was the man for that.

The DJ called for last call and I made sure to order three more shots. He was paying the bill and I was taking advantage of it in my jealous drunken stupor. I was severely jealous and pissed off at how the night had gone.

I downed the shots and turned to Em. “You ready to get outta here baby?” I managed to slur out of my mouth. My eyelids were heavy and my heart was aching; I was ready to go.

“Yeah. Let me just tell Edward thank you.” I refused to go over there with him. I went to the bathroom instead. I hadn't used the bathroom all night and it felt like I was sitting on the toilet forever. I took a look in the mirror on my way out. Wow! I am totally smashed! My eyes are so red. Oh well. It's not like I'm here to impress anyone anyways.

I ran into Alice and Jasper on my way to the exit.

“Bella, you and Em want a ride? Jasper said he'd be more than happy to drop you guys off.”

“Sure Alice, that would be great. Let me just find Em and we can go.”

Em walked up behind me and grabbed my hand. “There you are baby! Alice and Jasper are gonna drive us home. We can come back and get the car tomorrow.” I said as I leaned my head on his chest. The alcohol was starting to make me sleepy.

“Okay. Let's go.” He said.

“Well, we have to wait on Rose. She's staying the night with me.” Alice stated. Fuck me! Now I gotta ride home with her and hear her talk about Edward the whole way. This fucking sucks. I'm going to sleep as soon as we get in the car.

Rose finally came over and was rambling on about some shit with Edward. I completely tuned her out. There was no way I was listening to any of that shit. Jasper pulled the car in front of the club and we all got in. I made sure to sit next to the window and have Em on the other side of me. I didn't want Rose anywhere near me. Why am I so mad at her? It's not like she knows what we did. I need to quit being a jackass.

I laid my head on his chest and slowly started to drift off to sleep. I could faintly hear Rose still talking about something. It occurred to me right then that I hadn't even said thank you or goodbye to Edward. Oh fucking well. You can't tell me you're not interested in her then have sex with me then go back and flirt with her all night.

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