Sunday, August 2, 2009

Chapter 2- Make It Work.

Bella POV

I awoke to the sounds of Em blaring his rock music from the bathroom and him trying to sing over it. I looked over at the clock to check the time. Wow! It's wayyyy too early for this.

Em loves to blare music while in the shower. He sings so loudly, I'm sure everyone in the neighborhood can hear him. It makes me laugh because his singing is terrible but he doesn't care at all. We are alike in that way.

I had decided that today was a new day. If we were going to try and make this work then I would start out on a good foot. I would try to bring back the passion and desire that we shared before our busy lives got in the way. New day, new attitude. Fixing our relationship would require work from the both of us.

I got out of bed and slipped off my nightgown as I walked towards the bathroom. I opened the door and felt the warm steam hit my bare skin. It felt nice. I stepped into the room and shut the door behind me. Em was still singing, he hadn't even noticed that I entered the room. I giggled under my breath as I pulled the shower curtain back just enough to see Em scrubbing the shampoo into his scalp. He was dancing around in the shower and looked positively goofy. I had a plan. I reached my hand into the shower and lightly pinched his butt. He jumped and turned around looking completely startled. His reaction made me burst into laughter.

“Oh! You think that's funny huh?” With a devilish smirk on his face. Uh oh! This is not good.

I let out a small yelp as he grabbed my arm and pulled me into the shower. He pulled me in so quickly that I was barely able to stay upright. He took the remaining suds on his hands and spread them on my breasts. His hands felt so good on my skin. He leaned down to my breasts and blew away the suds. His cool breath hardened my nipples even more. He slid his hands down my stomach and around my waist to cup my butt. He pulled me up slightly making it easier for him to lick my nipples. He lightly flicked my nipples with his tongue while he massaged my ass. I let out a slight moan and I dug my nails into his back. He brought his hands back up and cupped my breasts. He pinched my nipples ever so lightly. My head fell back and I pressed my hands against the tile, trying to brace myself.

Em pushed me back against the tile and lifted my left leg up as he knelt down in between my legs. He looked so sexy kneeling down completely naked with the water running all over his toned body. He took a long hard look at my hot wet slit and then dove right in with his tongue. He quickly lapped at my pussy. Taking long strokes. Licking from my opening up to my clit. My legs almost gave out every time he flicked my clit. His tongue felt so good on me.

“Oh shit Em! It feels so good. I wanna feel you inside me.” Now.

He stood up and looked into my eyes. “Show me what you want.” He commanded as he lifted his arms to press his palms on the tiles above my head.

I licked my lips and grabbed his hard thick cock. He was already hard for me. I stroked his length a few times and told him “This is what I want.” I gently tugged on his cock and pulled him to me. Guiding his cock directly to my entrance. I could feel the head of his cock brush against my clit and it sent a heat wave through my entire body. He slid inside of me with ease. He then lifted my legs to wrap around his waist. I grabbed the towel bar in the back of the shower to help gain some leverage. As he pumped his cock into me I heard him say “Damn Bella.....”

As he continued to thrust into me, I knew I was close to my orgasm. I concentrated on every thing I was feeling at that moment. The cool shower tiles against my back, the heat from the steam relaxing my muscles, the feel of Em's strong hands gripping my ass, the feel of his cock pumping in and out of my pussy. It was too much and sent me over the edge.

“Fuck Emmett! I'm coming......don't stop..... oh shit!” Wow, that was a good one. After that, I was barely able to grasp the bar above my head. I was hoping he was close because I didn't have much strength left in me.

I tightened my pussy walls around him and saw his eyes roll back in his head. It wouldn't be long.

“Come for me Emmett.” He loves it when I command him to come.

“ …... shit.....I'm.....coming........Bella......Fuck!” With that he stopped his thrusts and rested his head on my chest. He gave me a quick kiss as he pulled out and let me back down.

We quickly washed off and Em finished getting ready for work. He had to work a regular eight hour shift today but I was off work for a couple days. As I stood there brushing my teeth, Em came up behind me and kissed me on the neck.

“I love you Bella. I'll see you when I get home. What do you say we have a date night tonight?” He asked with an eager grin on his face.

Really? We haven't had a date night in a long time. “That sounds great Em! What did you have in mind?” I spit out the toothpaste and turned to look at him with a huge grin on my face.

“Just be ready to go at eight tonight. I'm not telling you where we are going. It's a surprise. Wear a dress and heels.”

I kissed him on the lips and said “Okay baby. Can't wait! I'll be ready.”

He left for work and I ran some errands during the day. I decided to buy a new dress for our date. New attitude. I wanted the night to be perfect. Em came home that night and we engaged in casual conversation until we started to get ready for out date. Em was ready to go in no time. I take a little longer than him, but I am faster than most women. I hadn't even noticed Em was gone when I got out of the shower. I put on my dress and did my make up. As I was finishing my hair, I heard a knock on the door. Who the hell is here?

I went to the door and opened it to see Em. “What are you doing babe? Why are you knocking?” I asked him. You live here crazy.

“I'm here to pick you for our date.” He then brought flowers around from his back. They were purple orchids, my favorite. Aww, this is too sweet. He really is trying to make this work.

I was smiling from ear to ear. I reached out to grasp the flowers and hugged him. “Thank you baby.”

“You're welcome, honey. You look hot! You ready to go?”

“Yeah, let me grab my purse.” I quickly grabbed my purse and pulled the door shut and locked it behind me.

Em held the door of the car open for me. He was being such a gentleman. I was already impressed with his effort in date night. He still wouldn't tell me where we were going. I continued trying to guess as we drove into Atlanta. I felt like a little kid asking “Are we there yet?” He never said yes or no in response to my guesses. He just kept laughing at me. I was getting ill by that point. He could have at least given me a hint, instead of just laughing. Then again, that's just how Em is. He has the temper of a wild grizzly bear and the sense of humor of a ten year old pre-pubescent boy.

We finally arrived at our destination, Shout. We don't go there often but he knows it's my favorite place. We pulled up to the entrance and the valet handed Em a ticket as he exited the car. He came over and opened my door for me. The food there is great and the bar/club upstairs is the best part. It has a rooftop bar that overlooks the city. There's a dance floor and a DJ that plays music until two in the morning.

Dinner went well. We gazed into each others' eyes as we sipped our drinks and waited for our food to arrive. We held hands on top of the table. It was almost like a first date. Date night was going very well so far.

After dinner we went upstairs to one of the cabanas on the roof top. We ordered drinks and sat and talked at first. Then the DJ started playing some great dance music, so we hit the dance floor. We danced for hours. I was a little tipsy but not drunk. I happened to notice that Em was drinking a lot and drinking very fast. By the time we left he was totally smashed and I had to drive home. What a great ending to date night! And it started so well. The story of my life.
I was driving home when I looked over and noticed Em had fallen asleep. Fucking great. So much for a new start. Back to the same old shit.

When we finally reached the house I got out of the car and went over to Em's side. I just looked at him sitting there sleeping. How in the fuck am I supposed to get his gigantic ass out of this car and in the house? I would never be able to get him out. He weighs at least twice as much as I do. I would just have to leave him there. I rolled down the windows enough to let in some fresh air. I walked into the house and changed clothes into my pajamas. I looked at the clock and noticed that the sun would be coming up soon. Fuck me. Another night alone in this bed. This shit cannot keep happening.

I tried to calm myself down enough to get some sleep. My body was so tired but my mind was still racing. I was so mad at him for ruining date night by passing out drunk in the car. I can't be the only one putting effort into this relationship.

I could not stay up all night stressing over this. I laid back in the bed and looked up at the rotating fan. Instead of thinking about Em, I concentrated on the fans rotations. Not long after, I was fast asleep.

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